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The Theory of Constraints (TOC) was developed by Eli Goldratt and was made famous by his novel about modern manufacturing called “The Goal.” The concepts and principles developed by Goldratt and others have become a growing part of planning and problem solving for manufacturing and distribution companies around the world. Old ideas around cost accounting and line balancing and local improvements to supply chains are shown to be weaker answers driven by long held beliefs than newer answers that come from a slightly different point of view.

In this One-day seminar we will introduce the theory of constraints and the logic of the Five Focusing Steps to break the constraint and move forward. We will look at how we measure and how we should measure activities. We will present the planning structure of Drum, Buffer, Rope (DBR) and show through an exercise why DBR is so effective. We will investigate Throughput, Inventory, and Operating Expense and how to measure them to show improvements in your process.

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Major Topics of the Day:

  • The Theory of Constraints
  • The Five Focusing Steps
  • Drum, Buffer, Rope Planning model
  • Line Balancing and Constraint Management
  • Constraints in Supply Chain Management
  • Global Improvement Analysis



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Benefits to your company for attending this workshop and understanding how Constraint Management can be used to improve your process:

  • Understanding how to make Product Mix decisions
  • Learn how to detect Dependent events and Statistical Fluctuations
  • Learn how to implement Drum, Buffer, Rope
  • Know the interaction between DBR and kanbans
  • Learn how to change your measurement systems
  • Understanding the importance of Critical Resources
  • Maximizing the use of Constrained Resources
  • Improved and more consistent business processes

Who should attend?

  • Operations, Planning, Supervisory personnel
  • Accounting and Management teams trying to increase profit
  • Engineers interested in improving throughput

Join us for a fun, yet intensely educational workshop. 


Course format: Multimedia presentation on the topic, combined with a diverse set of practical examples from the lecturer's practice and different companies. Discussion on the topics and individual cases from participants, as well as practical exercises.

Length: one day.

How we offer the course: The course is offered both in a public format (everyone can attend) and as an inhouse course. The content can be customized to suit your company's needs.

Certificate: Symix APICS Premier Channel Partner issues a certificate for completion of the course.

Type: Non-certification course. Students do not take an exam for APICS certification.

Working language: English. Translation and translated materials can be delivered on demand.

Instructor: the training is led by an instructor, certified by APCIS.


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