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Theory of Constraints

Constraints Management

Eli Goldratt’s book “The Goal” changed the way people look at challenges in general and manufacturing flow in particular. This workshop examines the elements of constraints and demonstrates the power of understanding them and the benefits of breaking them... or not! Changing thinking from seeing orders and priorities to seeing flows and sequencing, and acting on that knowledge makes a huge difference in manufacturing and service performance. Expect both in this workshop.

This two day workshop will move from underlying theory through applied principles using stand-up lecture and hands on activities to illustrate and solidify understanding of key points.

Introduction to Theory of Constraints

In this One-day seminar we will introduce the theory of constraints and the logic of the Five Focusing Steps to break the constraint and move forward.  We will look at how we measure and how we should measure activities.  We will present the planning structure of Drum, Buffer, Rope (DBR) and show through an exercise why DBR is so effective. We will investigate Throughput, Inventory, and Operating Expense and how to measure them to show improvements in your process.

Critical Chain Project Management

The "Critical Chain Project Management" workshop aims to familiarize participants with critical chain project management concepts. It enables them to judge the applicability of such concepts to their world by providing them with fundamental practical examples to apply and benefit from.

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