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Purchasing spends the company’s money to maintain their balance sheet value in inventory. Many companies spend hundreds and thousands of millions of dollars or Euros and they want to make sure that they are receiving the best value for the money spent. Purchasing was once viewed as the order placers. They were not involved in the planning or design of products. They had very little input into what should be purchased or, in many cases, from whom.

That is changing. Purchasing now works with Finance to create the appropriate terms for the business and to insure the timeliness of receipts and payments. They work with Quality to certify vendors and set the standards for “Dock to Stock” programs. They work with IT to handle most of their transactions electronically including EDI and kanbans. They work with Operations to insure that the plan is communicated to the vendors. They manage a large part of the upstream Supply Chain.

In this One-day seminar we will study how Purchasing gets all of that done with less people than they used to have and less time than they were allowed in years past. Purchasing has a pivotal role in today’s business in that they can create a competitive advantage ahead of Operations or then can make it impossible for the rest of the organization to be successful.

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Main Topics:

  • EDI
  • Vendor Certification Programs
  • Financial Impacts of Contracts
  • Negotiating for lower inventories and faster replenishment cycles
  • Creating Win-Win opportunities with your vendors


Available Courses and Exams

Currently there are no available courses For additional information or requests for Inhouse course, please contact us

Benefits to your company for attending this workshop and understanding how Purchasing Systems work:

  • Strategies to move your company in the right direction 
  • Understanding how supply time and costs can be reduced 
  • Clearer understanding of the integration required in today’s business 
  • You will be able to make improvements at once
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Who should attend:

  • Professionals in supply chain, logistics, production, planning, ERP consultants.
  • Companies seeking to improve their knowledge in operations management;

Course format: Multimedia presentation on the topic, combined with a diverse set of practical examples from the lecturer's practice and different companies. Discussion on the topics and individual cases from participants, as well as practical exercises.

Length: one or two days.

How we offer the course: The course is offered both in a public format (everyone can attend) and as an inhouse course. The content can be customized to suit your company's needs.

Certificate: Symix APICS Premier Channel Partner issues a certificate for completion of the course.

Type: Non-certification course. Students do not take an exam for APICS certification.

Working language: English. Translation and translated materials can be delivered on demand.

Instructor: the training is led by an instructor, certified by APCIS.


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