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The concept of Lean Processes is to eliminate waste in all aspects of your business. How far do you have to travel to finish a product? How many different forms must you fill out to move material from your Receiving Area to your Shipping Area? We will examine Value Stream Mapping to understand what creates value and what creates cost. We will look at shop layouts and how Cellular Manufacturing can reduce cost and increase value for many companies. We will help you see Product Flow and how it needs to be improved. The class will look briefly at the Theory of Constraints to learn how it can be used to focus the early Lean efforts.

We will talk about the other aspects of business like Accounting, Engineering, Marketing, and Sales and how they can reduce waste as well. Companies like General Motors have done a pretty good job of reducing cost in manufacturing, but they have not been able to reduce the $2,500 difference in earnings between GM and Toyota. GM has kept Lean on the shop floor and Toyota is a Lean company. We will learn some of the differences between the two companies and the class will be able to understand the difference between a company that is doing Lean and a company that is Lean.


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Workshop Topics:

  • Waste Elimination
  • A Lean Improvement Methodology
  • Leadership
  • The Transparent Workplace
  • Lean Process Improvement
  • Lean Product Development
  • Just­in­Time
  • Controlling Processes
  • Standard Work
  • Continuous Improvement

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Benefits to your company for attending this workshop and understanding how these tools work:

  • Personnel who understand the need to make changes in current processes
  • Personnel who are motivated to make things better
  • You will have the confidence to make changes
  • You will make your company more competitive
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Who should attend:

  • Managers 
  • Sales and Marketing Leaders 
  • Engineers, Technicians, Project Managers 
  • Operations Supervisors 
  • Financial and Quality Personnel

Course format: Multimedia presentation on the topic, combined with a diverse set of practical examples from the lecturer's practice and different companies. Discussion on the topics and individual cases from participants, as well as practical exercises.

Length: one or two days.

How we offer the course: The course is offered both in a public format (everyone can attend) and as an inhouse course. The content can be customized to suit your company's needs.

Certificate: Symix APICS Premier Channel Partner issues a certificate for completion of the course.

Type: Non-certification course. Students do not take an exam for APICS certification.

Working language: English. Translation and translated materials can be delivered on demand.

Instructor: the training is led by an instructor, certified by APCIS.


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