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The purpose of the 2-day "Lean Logistics" workshop is to help participants understand the role of logistics in supply chain management and learn concepts, principles, rules and tools of lean. Moreover, after attending the workshop, professionals should be able to identify the improvable areas of the KANBAN system application.

Join the course to improve the Logistics functions both outside and inside your business!

Available Courses and Exams

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Training Agenda:

Day 1

Session 1: Overview of Lean Logistics

  • What is a Supply Chain?
  • What is the role of logistics in Supply Chain
  • The Lean Approach to Logistics
  • Supply Chain (Beer) Game

Session 2: Logistics inside the Plant

  • Transportation Inside the Plant
  • Lean Warehousing Strategies
  • Warehousing Materials, WIPS, and Finished Goods

Session 3: Material Flows in the Supply Chain

  • Dock-to-dock transportation
  • Supplier Milk Runs
  • Consolidation Centers
  • Packaging and Returnable Containers
  • Cross docking

Day 2

Session 4: Logistics Information Systems

  • Pull Systems
  • KANBAN Operating Policies
  • Leveled Sequencing of Mixed-Flow Assembly

Session 5: Business Relationships in a Supply Network

  • Third-Party Logistics
  • Supplier-Customer Relationships
  • Supplier Support

Session 6: Getting Started Lean Logistics

  • Lean and Six Sigma bring disciplines and tools to Logistics
  • Identify and remove waste by Value Stream Mapping.
  • Benchmarking and continuous improvement initiatives
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Who should attend:

  • Managers who are want to know how to start a Lean Project
  • Lean Team members who want to improve their success levels
  • People who want to make their process more robust
APICS Principles of Operations Management

Benefits to your company for attending this workshop include:

  • Reduced Transportation cost and lead time
  • Reduced Inventory and safety stock levels
  • Better planning of future replenishments
  • Possible elimination of the Physical Inventory!
  • Increased Profitability
  • Improved and more consistent business processes
  • Improved Customer service

Course format: Multimedia presentation on the topic, combined with a diverse set of practical examples from the lecturer's practice and different companies. Discussion on the topics and individual cases from participants, as well as practical exercises.

Length: two days.

How we offer the course: The course is offered both in a public format (everyone can attend) and as an inhouse course. The content can be customized to suit your company's needs.

Certificate: Symix APICS Premier Channel Partner issues a certificate for completion of the course.

Type: Non-certification course. Students do not take an exam for APICS certification.

Working language: English. Translation and translated materials can be delivered on demand.

Instructor: the training is led by an instructor, certified by APCIS.


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