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Many companies are investing time and money into making their manufacturing and distribution systems leaner.  They are looking for the systems and tools that will transform their operations into the world class competitive machine they know exists, but is hidden in the layers of waste that pervade most companies.  Two of the most valuable tools available to these companies are Kaizen and Kaizen Blitz. Kai means change and zen means good.  Kaizen Blitz, also known as five days and a night, is a major change tool.

This class looks briefly at how “what to change” is decided and then works through several issues with making change happen.  The class is interactive with the participants working in teams to create improvements using a common problem as the target.  We will look at what waste is and how to spot it in our own operations and then how to determine if it can be eliminated immediately or if we need to continue to endure it until we can plan an implement its elimination.

In this One-day seminar we will study how Lean concepts can be implemented in your operation to improve the value that will be delivered to your customer.  We will look at methods to improve productivity and communication.  We will work through exercises that will improve the value of our model delivery system.


APICS Принципи на операционния мениждмънт

Major Topics of the Day:

o        Implementing change in your Operations

o        Team configurations and management

o        Slow and Steady Approaches versus Major Changes

o        Implementing change in your office areas

o        Waste Identification


Available Courses and Exams

Currently there are no available courses For additional information or requests for Inhouse course, please contact us

Benefits to your company for attending this workshop and understanding how Lean concepts can improve your indirect operations:

  • Overhead cost reductions
  • More productive staff operations
  • Improved customer and vendor communication and service
  • You will be able to make improvements at once
Лийн производство

Who should attend:

  • Managers who want their teams to perform at a higher level
  • Human Resource Managers who are being challenged
  • Operations managers who want to control their overhead costs

Join us for a fun, yet intensely educational workshop. 

Course format: Multimedia presentation on the topic, combined with a diverse set of practical examples from the lecturer's practice and different companies. Discussion on the topics and individual cases from participants, as well as practical exercises.

Length: one or two days.

How we offer the course: The course is offered both in a public format (everyone can attend) and as an inhouse course. The content can be customized to suit your company's needs.

Certificate: Symix APICS Premier Channel Partner issues a certificate for completion of the course.

Type: Non-certification course. Students do not take an exam for APICS certification.

Working language: Bulgarian.

Instructor: the training is led by an instructor with rich experience in the field.


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