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Symix APICS Premier Channel Partner extends its educational portfolio with practical and up-to-date business courses. They are regularly conducted by instructors and professionals with proven knowledge and achievements in their fields.

The educational formats include:

  • Standard In-house trainings – designed for a group of employees with similar needs
  • "On demand" trainings can be tailored to the client’s specific requirements and could include different subjects and modules. A program commonly used for this is the APICS Principles of Operations Management set of courses and modules.
  • Open training groups – organized in the training centers of Symix in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary, and offered to participants from different organizations or companies

Courses could also be conducted during the weekends, half a day or at a specific schedule pre-agreed with the client.

Learn more about our courses:



Operations Management

As a vast and diverse field, Operations Management offers many intriguing concepts and topics, such as bottlenecks, process analysis, flow rates, and inventory levels. Course participants are introduced to essential vocabulary and skills needed to identify and apply the basic principles in Operation ...

Six Sigma

The concept of Six Sigma is that appropriate measurement of the correct variables will lead you to an understanding of how those variables impact the quality of your process. Learning how a process must be documented, understanding the cause and effect relationships of aspects of the process and how ...


The Lean concept has been fundamental in manufacturing since the 80s, when Japanese corporations first started to use it. In its core, 'Lean' aims to remove all processes and practices without added value (called 'waste' or 'muda' in Japanese). The 7 wastes of Lean Manufacturing are: Transport, Inve ...

Automotive Academy

Basics of the continuous improvement methodology "Kaizen".  Apply the Japanese 5S principles at work. Pull systems and Kanban Изграждане и подобрение на ориентирана към финансов успех Система Управление на промяната в организацията – защо, какво и как Техники и методи за подобрение на процесите в ор ...

Negotiations Skills

We negotiate every day: both in our professional and personal life. Whether we are negotiating a pay raise or a compromise with our family on where to go on vacation, we utilize the same skills needed to convince the other side. A mix of art and science, the most vital techniques needed to reach a g ...

Project Management

In today’s business environment most of us find ourselves involved in projects. Sometimes they are the breakthrough moment in our career and sometimes they are the breakdown moment in our life. Projects can bring high stress and long hours to our work life. Many companies have found that although th ...

Miscellaneous training topics

Some of our courses do not fall under the umbrella of any of our categories. Yet, they are a rich source of knowledge and will prepare you for some of the most complex challenges in your career. Take a look at our miscellaneous courses: Production and Service Costing Strategic Planning Balance Scor ...

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