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Chester H. Frame

Instructor Profile: Chester H. Frame, CPIM, CIRM, CSCP, CLTD, CPSM is an educator, trainer, seminar instructor and management consultant with experience in implementations and customer support for customers around the world. Chet is the founder and head of Border Business Consultants, a bilingual, international consulting and training firm focused on improving efficiency in materials, production management and processes through Lean, Six Sigma, and Kaizen.

Mr. Frame has more than forty years of hands on experience working in Operations Management and Logistics Management, having worked with companies like Tyco, Thomson Consumer Electronics, Philips, Cummins, Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, Johnson Controls, Delphi, Lexmark, and Lear. Chet holds a Six Sigma Administrative Green Belt. One of the APICS nationally recognized presenters and trainers; Chet trains the trainers and has helped create some of APICS online materials.

Chet started learning Materials Management and SPC in the 1970’s while working for a U.S. automotive parts manufacturer. He has used his SPC and Six Sigma skills to improve manufacturing processes and administrative processes. He has applied the techniques to Supply Chain Management with a very high level of success. Chet is a Master Instructor of CPIM, CSCP, and CPSM, Train-the-Trainer, and Learning Dynamics for Instructors. Chet is the President of the El Paso/Juarez Chapter of APICS.

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