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Who are we?

Symix ASCM Premier Channel Partner is a private company specializing in business trainings, international certifications and high-quality consultancy services for business professionals and organizations. It was founded with one main goal – to support specialists and business organizations to constantly enrich their knowledge, to improve their expertise and to become more successful and competitive in today’s digitalized and dynamic market. 

ERP, MRP, APS, Supply Chain Management, JIT, Kanban, Lean, Capacity planning, Bottleneck planning, Theory of constraints, Six Sigma, cost reduction, production and inventory optimization, improvement of the business process…. Are not these the challenges for today’s companies and organizations!

As a training and consultation center in the field in the operations management, Symix ASCM Premier Channel Partner helps specialists and organizations to be more successful in their work with providing trainings, international certifications, consultations and wide range of specialized literature and publications. Team of international instructor and consultants of world class – we aim to provide world quality education to our clients. Our professional instructors are authorized ASCM (APICS) instructors with practical experience in operations management and experience as international instructors in Europe, USA and Asia. 

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Symix ASCM Premier Channel Partner